About Cebu

In addition to being the largest among the Visayas region Islands, Cebu is pivotal, historically, to the colonization of the Philippines by the Spanish. Before the appointment of Manila, Cebu was the original capital, although it was relegated in the 17th century. Cebu is also known as ‘The Queen of the South,’ there are six cities in the Cebu Island, alongside 47 smaller towns. The cities include Talisay, Toledo, Mandaue, Lapu-Lapu, and Cebu. Perhaps, the rich ethnicity and diverse population of the Cebu Island have made it an integral and well-known part of the archipelago. Talking about diversity, you will find on the Cebu Islands, Malay, Filipino, Chinese, and an increasing population of westerners. Cebu Island has continued to attract both local and international tourists, who find interesting, its dynamism.

Cebu Geography

Geographically, the Cebu Island can be described as narrow and long, with a length of about 196 km from north to south, and 32km from east to west. The primary urban hub on the island is the Cebu City, which you can find on the eastern-central area of the Cebu Island. As the Philippines’ second largest city, it is not surprising to see all the signs that identify the city as an active industrial and commercial hub. From modern cities to ultramodern shopping complexes, alongside several relaxations and entertainment options, Cebu City has all it takes to keep you busy all day, and of course, in the night.

Development Of the Island

The same level of development cannot be said of other parts of the Cebu Island. On these parts, you have rising and falling hills as well as rocky mountains that extends across both southern and northern lengths of the island. How about a mountain that is more than a thousand meters in height? Well, you will find one on Cebu Island. The coastal areas of the Island boast of mangrove forests, fishing villages, beaches, and grounds suitable for fishing. While the entire island is a beauty to behold, there are two unique and adventurous destinations – the travellers’ favourite, and they are the Oslob, situated on the west coast, and the Moalboal, on the east coast. They are known for offering travellers a rustic type of vacation, with their perfect natural environment. Interestingly, they are only a few hours’ drives from south of Metro Cebu.


Summarily, it is safe to conclude that the Cebu Island is home to diverse and impressive natural and artificial wonders. You can get your eyes started on this, before feasting it with the flawless beaches and the immaculate local fare. Cebu Island offers you the chance to explore, to your satisfaction, several diverse destinations, including Malapascua Island, Mactan Island, and the Cebu City itself. So, when next you are seeking a unique vacation destination, you should consider the Cebu Island – it is one of the few holiday destinations that offer you something different on each visit.


Take it from us – Cebu is a one-stop holiday destination that meets all your heart desires.




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